Our customers give us great feedback about our Cleanse/Detox and Live Food Box Meal programs that have helped them to achieve a healthier eating lifestyle and ultimately losing weight. We strive to inspire to prepare more family dinners (check our Live Food Box plan) by offering a variety of healthy and delicious meals and we also have Raw Chef Curriculum hands on training program.

We hope you read some of our customers testimonials and get a feel for what we are all about and how we can help you to improve your health and well-being.


I have struggled with being “chubby” my whole life even though I worked out regularly, was fairly active physically, and steered away from red meat, candies, and cakes. I made many dietary and physical attempts to be thin; it seemed in vain. Fortunately I had not yet suffered any health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, etc. As a result of my having a “few extra pounds”; however as I am soon to celebrate 50 years on this Earth my concern for good health is more of a priority.

Then about 8 months ago, I met Chef Mehmet and the “Cousins crew”. I tried the food, liked it and asked my wife, who has a gluten intolerance to try Cousin’s low-fat, all natural, gluten-free “live” food. We decided we like it and signed up for our first 4 months program. We bought a Vitamix juicer with which I juice raw fruits and vegetables to supplement our “live box” meals. We now eat about 90% Raw and take supplements which are prescribed by our Physician.

Within the first 5 months I went from 210 to 174 pounds; more than 35 pounds lost and traded in my “36” Levis for size 32″. Not only do we both feel great and have enough energy to work average of 75 hours a week running 3 different businesses but my dentist asked if I was doing something different because there was a highly noticeable and improved “pinkiness” in my gum tissue. We both also have blood work results and blood pressure readings which are “ideal”.

I wish that I would have known much earlier in life how easy it really is to feel great, enjoy your food, and still lose weight. But it is never too late; all you need to do is “Go Raw”!

R. Anthony Menotti


Endersment from Paul Nison

Mehmet is one of the nicest people I’ve met in the raw food movement and Cousin’s is one of the best raw food places I’ve ever been in. The food is wonderful and the staff is excellent. Every raw food business should follow the model that Mehmet has set up at Cousins IV. I highly suggest everyone visit cousin IV over and over again.

Paul Nison
Raw food author and Chef


Hello everyone at Cousins!

Well, it has been a few weeks since ending the Detox with you and I still am 100% raw diet!  I feel great and can’t express in words how this experience has transformed my body, mind, and soul……for this I am truly grateful.  I am teaching myself a new recipe everyday and the variety in my diet is so much more exciting than it ever was eating the SAD way.  I must thank you Chef Mehmet for the green smoothie recipes…I have one everyday with some E3Live added. WOW! What a way to start my day.

For the first time since going 100% raw, I will be visiting a non-raw restaurant with friends and family for a birthday celebration.  It is an Italian restaurant and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what I could eat off a menu like that.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Again, thank you all for making such a wonderful impact and contribution to the quality of my life; I will do my best to always do the same for others and to be kind and gentle with myself, others, and the planet.

In deepest gratitude,