30 Day Heavy Metal Cleanse

30 Day Heavy Metal Cleanse


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Many people suffer from metal poisoning and don’t know it. Dr Robbins and I searched the World over for the best heavy metal cleanse ever. It did not matter to us if this cleanse was from an Allopathic prescription, Homeopathic, over the counter drugs, or herbal,we just wanted the best. After 30 years of searching and trying literally hundreds of cleanses we found it. It was an herbal cleanse from Europe. Nothing came close to eliminating toxic metals from the body. We were amazed by the effectiveness of this cleanse.

So, I took the same formulation and put the Ejuva twist on it. We made it liquid to insure the best possible absorption. We made the ingredients live, wild crafted and organic. We opened the cells of the Organic live Chlorella for the best possible chelating, and used the World’s most potent Live Wild Crafted Garlic. We made the dosages stronger than the European cleanse and we added our World famous probiotics. This is a 30 day cleanse and if all that was not enough we offer a Heavy Metal test kit to monitor your progress and/or to find out if you are toxic in the first place.

This 30 Day Cleanse includes 5oz of live Wild Crafted open celled Chlorella Vulgaris in liquid form, 2oz of Live Organic Corlandrum Astivum in liquid form, 5 oz of Live Wild Crafted Allium Ursinum in liquid form, and 25 grams Of Moflora.