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As our raw food families continues to grow we are deeply humpled and committed to serve  you gratefully every moment of this journey. 

Annette Pelc Certified Raw Chef

Since the early 1980’s, I have tried to be conscious of my food choices. For the most part, my diet has consisted of fruits and vegetables along with a little meat. About a year ago, I went on a twenty-one day Master Cleanse fast and lost fifteen pounds in the process. After the cleanse I began to eat from a raw food diet plan. This journey has been great, as I feel totally energetic and full of life. Since raw foods are from the earth and in their natural state we are providing our body with the highest amounts of nutrition, as well as being environmentally friendly. These foods are additionally filled with their own enzymes which help to aid effective digestion, providing a rich nutritional resource for the body. I welcome you to join me on this wonderful journey into raw life food eating and all of its diversity. In October 2008, I completed Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Raw Chef Certification classes at Raw Gourmets International in Chicago, IL with Chef Mehmet AK. I look forward to working with you.


Theresa Wright

Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef I have trained and have received certifications as a Raw Foods Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Certified Raw Chef Instructor under Chicago’s premier Certified Pro Chef, Mehmet Ak, owner of Raw Gourmets International Raw Food Restaurant in Chicago.  After living as a vegetarian for a number of years, my official journey into raw foods as a way of life began when I completed the 2 week live in, hands on, Certified Practitioner in Health and Healing through Nutrition, Exercise and Education program. This 2 week gateway to transformation into the living foods lifestyle program is the world renown Creative Health Institute(CHI) in Coldwater, Michigan.

Chef Carolyn was trained at Raw Gourmet International Culinary Art Institute by Chef Mehmet Ak; Since going raw, Chef Carolyn has lost over 40 pounds and is now a size 6 instead of a 12/14. Having dealt with high cholesterol, migraines, arthritis, and weight fluctuation, she made raw foods a standard of living and went through an amazing transformation. Her body and spirit are now healthy, revitalized, and energized

As the founder of Libra Nutrition and Wellness, I partner with my clients to achieve health and happiness in harmony and balance. I encourage my clients to make sustainable food choices and recognize the inherent power in their purchase dollar.  When “we eat for the Earth”, we can experience radiant health, weight loss and increased peace of mind with grace and ease. I assist my clients to achieve lasting bliss in their lives, regardless of circumstances, by empowering them to relish change and embrace their hands around their desired destiny.

Culinary Education:
Raw Gourmets International Education
Raw Chef Training Module One