Zest Fore Life… much more than
just a cafe

The FASTEST way to restore wellness

Zest Fore Life exists to serve a growing community of health-conscious individuals. We strive to offer the highest quality prepared gourmet raw food, products, services and education, while uniting those in search of knowledge with those who are well-informed, engaging in social activities, support groups and discussions.

Chef Mehmet created Zest as a haven for those suffering with weight problems, food-related health problems and those simply seeking to improve their body-mind connection.

We seek to offer community outreach programs to help educate our coming generations on how nutrition effects their experience in life, as well as enlightening people in poorer neighborhoods about how they can prevent diseases and illness, such as diabetes, hypoglycemia, systemic candida, colon cancer and more.

Visit our Events page or stop by our Meetup Group to find out about what’s happening at our cafe / Raw Culinary Art School / community center.